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Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2014 22:25:37 -0400
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Dick,    (01)

> Aren't axioms exactly what you want for an upper ontology?    (02)

There are a huge number of issues buried in that question.
And the statements in your ontology (copied below) do not make
any useful contribution to resolving any of them.    (03)

Pat Hayes, I, and many other people said that a notation, no matter
how readable it may look, cannot be used by a computer unless it
has a formal semantics that would enable a computer to process it
according to some rules of inference.    (04)

But even for humans, the terms in those statements are so totally
undefined that nobody -- not even your girlfriend Ayn Rand -- could
draw any conclusions from them.    (05)

For example, the terms 'consciousness', 'free will', 'perceive' ...
have been used for centuries in many different ways.  Perhaps AR
stated some definitions for them.  If you like her definitions,
then you might try to translate them into your mkr notation.    (06)

If you could take just one page of some analysis that AR expressed
in English and translate it to mkr, that would a good first start.
The next step would be to formulate some rules for relating one mkr
statement to the next in some logical way.  Then the next step would
be to show how your translation from English to mkr clarified the
train of thought.    (07)

If you could do that exercise for just one page of AR's philosophy
(or any other text in any field of science or philosophy), then you
could make a more convincing case that mkr was a useful tool for
ontology.    (08)

____________________________________________________________________    (09)

# http://mkrmke.org/oa.html
# Objectivist Axioms
# Richard H. McCullough
# Mar/26/2014    (010)

Existence :: entity, characteristic, proposition isa existent;    (011)

Identity :: existent has characteristic;    (012)

Change :: at space,time { entity do action done; };    (013)

Free will :: I do choose od action done;    (014)

Consciousness :: percept := I do perceive od existent done;    (015)

Identification :: concept := at view { I do identify od existent done; };    (016)

Integration :: proposition := at view { I do integrate,differentiate od 
existent done; };    (017)

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