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I understand that Watson is a proprietary technology but I thought that the group might like to know where IBM is going with Watson and the wide variety of applications (practical and fun) that is being tackled.
An interesting challenge from IBM.


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Entrepreneur Week
Read this email online.
Dear IBM Business Partners,

IBM PartnerWorld ISVWould you ever have imagined that the supercomputer that beat the Jeopardy! champions would go on to create culinary delights? Well that's exactly what IBM's Watson did recently at SXSW, creating a huge buzz with the exciting recipes it served up at the IBM Food Truck. By pairing ingredients that are compatible at the molecular level, Watson's cognitive capabilities helped our chefs invent unique and delicious recipes. People were so amazed, the IBM Food Truck generated 40.3 million Twitter impressions during SXSW!

But what will Watson do next? That's where YOU come in. We're looking to you, our Business Partners, to develop new solutions using Watson's cognitive computing capabilities, and be a part of the Watson buzz! That's why we've launched the IBM Watson Mobile Developer Challenge.

Pitch us your idea for the next groundbreaking Watson-powered mobile app. Winners of the Challenge will join the Watson Ecosystem, receive mentoring support from IBM to help build their application, and access to the Watson sandbox to build it. But time is running out—you have until March 31st to submit your concept!

So what makes a great idea for the Watson Mobile Developer Challenge? A good submission will need a few pieces: Once you've submitted your proposal, a panel of judges will conduct two phases of judging.

The first phase will narrow the field to 25 finalists. Those finalists will receive access to the Watson API and sandbox so they can build a prototype to be judged in the second phase. From there, the top 5 finalists will pitch their concepts to a panel of IBM judges in a live session. The judges will then determine three winners who will have IBM mentoring support and sandbox access to build the next Watson-powered app.

To learn more and apply by March 31st, visit IBMWatson.com

Got a question? Don't hesitate to ask here.

We're counting on you to realize the potential of Watson's cognitive capabilities, and we can't wait to see what ideas you come up with!

Sandy Carter
General Manager - Ecosystem Development

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