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I hope that this brief note will clarify a few key ideas that I have discussed previously.

1. context
Every proposition has a context that defines the terms and assumptions of the proposition.
The context may be expressed as a list of propositions.
         context name :: { defining proposition list };
         at context name { proposition list };

2. space-time
Propositions may describe actions which cause changes over space-time.
Therefore context must include space, time component.

3. group hierarchy
Some propositions describe a group hierarchy, and it is useful to separate the
hierarchy propositions from the other propositions.

There are two interesting types of groups in use today
            Rand concept
I mistakenly believed that Rand concepts were appropriate for RDF, OWL, CycL.
I need to revise all my knowledge bases to use Class instead.

Briefly stated, we may say that
           Class is group of individuals with 0 or more members
           Rand concept is group of individuals with 2 or more members,
                                                                               similar characteristics
Ayn Rand required 2 or more members to distinguish between abstract groups
and concrete individuals.  Class does not make this distinction.
Dick McCullough
Context Knowledge Systems
mKE and the mKR language
mKR/mKE tutorial

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