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[ontolog-forum] Call for Applications: RR 2014 Doctoral Consortium

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Doctoral Consortium, RR 2014
Athens, Greece, September 15-17, 2014
***************************************    (01)

The Doctoral Consortium of the 8th International Conference on Web
Reasoning and Rules Systems (RR 2014) will provide doctoral
students in Web Reasoning and related areas with a unique opportunity
to present and discuss their research directions, be involved into
state-of-the-art research discussion and supported in establishing
fruitful collaborations with prominent researchers and pioneers in
the field of Web Reasoning and Rules and related areas. The RR-DC
will also provide a forum where PhD students can share ideas, and
receive constructive feedback on ongoing work from peer students.    (02)

The co-location of RR 2014 with the Reasoning Web Summer School
and with other relevant related events will provide multiple
opportunities for participating students to enhance their education.    (03)

The RR-DC will allow participants to interact with established
researchers through the following initiatives:    (04)

- Student Workshop: a specific event conceived for creating a
   forum for fellow students interested in Web Reasoning and
   related topics.    (05)

- Mentoring Session: a session dedicated to DC Students which will
   be part of the program of the main conference.    (06)

During the Student Workshop participants will present their
research ideas in a regular talk, listen to ongoing work from peer
students and discuss their ongoing research with colleagues.
During the Mentoring Session each participant will have the
opportunity to present ongoing research to the broader audience of
the main conference by means of a poster. Moreover, during the
poster session each RR-DC attendee will meet its "mentor", who is
a senior researcher that is in charge of providing feedback and
suggestions on topics of research, career and trends in Web Reasoning.    (07)

== IMPORTANT DATES ==    (08)

- Abstract submission: April 27, 2014
- Notification of acceptance: May 18, 2014
- Camera-Ready: June 6, 2014    (09)


To apply for participation to the RR 2014 Doctoral Consortium
students are asked to submit    (011)

1. Cover Letter (max 1 page) containing:
   - The title of the research
   - Applicant's complete name, address and affiliation, email,
     telephone number Name(s) and affiliation(s) of your
     supervising professor(s)
   - A statement of interest in participating to the Doctoral
     Consortium (less than 1 page)
2. Research Summary (max 7 pages) of their PhD research addressing
    the following aspects (possibly organized in separate sections):
   - Introduction and Motivation: The main problem you are trying to
     tackle and why it is relevant
   - Background: What is the state-of-the-art in relation to existing
     solutions to the problem
   - Goals and Results: Advances beyond the state-of-the-art in terms
     of your specific contribution and research plan, as well as
     expected achievements and possible evaluation metrics to establish
     the level of success of your results
   - Research Plan: Current status of the research plan, and already
     accomplished results (if any)
   - Bibliographical References
3. Letter of Recommendation
   - a short letter of recommendation written by your advisor(s)
     indicating expected date of thesis submission and the current
     status of your studies and research results.    (012)

Submission will be managed via Easychair.    (013)

https://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=rrdc2014    (014)

All the accepted contributions have to be presented.    (015)


The DC program committee will review student's applications and
will assign the "Best RR-DC 2014 Contribution" award among
participants. The award-winning contributor will present in the RR
2013 main program as regular (15 min) presentation, and will have
the option to have its research summary included in the proceedings
of the main conference in the form of a two-page extended abstract.    (017)

Students presenting a poster to the Reasoning Web Summer School can
use the same poster for the DC if accepted as short presentations.    (018)

== GRANTS ==    (019)

RR will be offering scholarships to participants to partially cover
registration and/or accommodation fees. Details will be announced
as soon as we have more information about the number and amount of
scholarships.    (020)

== CHAIR ==    (021)

- Francesco Ricca (University of Calabria, Italy)    (022)

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