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[ontolog-forum] Full, open proceedings available for DC-2013 in Lisbon

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**** Please excuse the cross-posting ****


CONFERENCE HOME URL (for session descriptions): http://dcevents.dublincore.org/index.php/IntConf/dc-2013/

The collocated conferences for DC-2013 and iPRES-2013 in Lisbon attracted 392 participants from over 37 countries. In addition to the Tuesday through Thursday conference days comprised of peer-reviewed paper and special sessions, 223 participants attended pre-conference tutorials and 246 participated in post-conference workshops for the collocated events. The peer-reviewed papers and presentations are available on the conference website Presentation page (URLs above). In sum, it was a great conference.

In addition to links to PDFs of papers, project reports and posters (and their associated presentations), the published proceedings include presentation PDFs for the following:

-- Ivan Herman: "Introduction to Linked Open Data (LOD)"
-- Steven Miller: "Introduction to Ontology Concepts and Terminology"
-- Kai Eckert: "Metadata Provenance"
-- Daniel Garjio: "The W3C Provenance Ontology"

-- "Application Profiles as an Alternative to OWL Ontologies"
-- "Long-term Preservation and Governance of RDF Vocabularies (W3C Sponsored)"
-- "Data Enrichment and Transformation in the LOD Context: Poor & Popular vs Rich & Lonely--Can't we achieve both?"
-- "Why Schema.org?"

-- Vocabulary Day
-- CAMP (Cyber Infrastructure and Metadata Protocols)-4-DATA

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