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Knowledge Sciences Symposium
You are invited to the inaugural Knowledge Sciences Symposium at Kent State
University.† The purpose of the Symposium is to bring together knowledge
management thought leaders from businesses and organizations, technology
sector, academia, civil society organizations and the broader workforce to
assist the University in designing a Knowledge Sciences Center.† The Center
will provide advice, support collaborative engagement opportunities,
advocate for knowledge issues, support and promote research and development,
and provide opportunities for the workforce to prepare for the transition to
a knowledge economy.† In short, we expect the Knowledge Sciences Center to
play a role similar to that of an agricultural extension service as the
country built out its robust agricultural economy in the 19th century.† The
Center will accept challenges and problems as well as convene teams of
experts to develop affordable and effective solutions for all kinds and
sizes of organizations and communities.† The Center will have both a
physical and a virtual presence.† The physical home of the Knowledge Science
Center will be on the Kent State University Kent Campus in Kent, Ohio.† The
virtual Center will be open to everyone, anywhere.† At the present, the
Knowledge Sciences Center is a vision waiting to be defined.† 
We would like you to serve as a delegate because we value your ideas,
advice, and knowledge of the stakeholder community.† The university seeks
the advice of invited delegates like you to advise on the development of the
Center.† Your advice will help to ensure the design of the Center meets the
needs of stakeholders.† Together, we will create a vision and blueprint for
launching and growing the Center.
The Knowledge Sciences Symposium will be held in two locations to facilitate
the participation of all delegates.† The first session will be held
September 4-5 at the University Center on the Kent State University Stark
Campus in Canton, Ohio.† The second session will be held September 10-11 at
the Department of Transportation Library at the Navy Yard in Washington,
D.C.†† Physical and remote participation will be supported for both
sessions.† The Symposium is free and open to all thanks to the generous
support of our partners, the Department of Transportation and the Goodyear
Tire and Rubber Company.†† 
Two days is a short time to hear from 250 delegates.† To facilitate the
discussion and prepare delegates for the Symposium, the university will
launch open online weekly public discussions.† The online discussions will
begin July 24 and continue through August 21, 2013.† More information about
the topics of the webinars can be found on the Knowledge Sciences Symposium
website. (https://cmsprod.uis.kent.edu/CCI/slis/programs/iakm/symposium/) 
If you are willing to serve as a delegate, please complete the registration
form.†(https://kent.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_9SubpIwnMVg3FxH)  We will be
selecting delegates to serve on panels and to lead working groups at the
Symposium.† If you are interested in participating in a panel or leading a
working group, please indicate that on the registration form.† In addition
to serving as a delegate, there are opportunities at the Ohio event for you
and/or your organization to display posters or materials to describe your
organizationís work and for vendors to display their products and services.†
There are also opportunities to sponsor Symposium activities at the Ohio
event.† For your review and consideration, we have attached Symposium
agendas.† We expect a high level of interest so to ensure your seat, please
respond no later than August 31.† If physical capacity is met, delegates may
still participate remotely. 
Denise Bedford, Ph.D.
Goodyear Professor of Knowledge Management
Kent State University
†    (02)

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