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[ontolog-forum] Employment or PhD inquiry

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Date: Fri, 10 May 2013 14:40:46 +0900
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If I may make the following brief inquiry and request.

(fyi: My background is briefly described at: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?RobertRovetto and I'm on linkedin as well)

If anyone currently knows of (or will come to know in the future) any relatively stable full-time employment, or PhD fellowship/scholarship opportunities related to.....

- Ontology in general (Applied or Philosophical),
- Biomedical research and informatics
- Space science, Space science informatics,
- Maritime informatics and knowledge management
- 3D simulation and conceptual visualization/illustration,
- Knowledge representation and reasoning,
- AI and robotics
(OR some combination thereof)

.....I kindly ask to please contact me or forward the potential opportunities.

Of course, if there is some opening in a different field you feel I might qualify for, i'd be interested in hearing about it also.

NOTE: I'm particularly interested in finding an interdisciplinary and international multi-organization opportunity (project, training network, job, etc.) in Europe through which other skills and fields can be learned. And I would be fine with a topic already designated as part of such a large project/opportunity (provided it's of interest). However, out of necessity I can not consider these details to be strict constraints on my job/phd search.

Finally, independent of the NOTE, I have an idea that I believe has good potential to be useful and to become either an independent project/grant or a topic for an open phd topic. It is related to space science informatics.

My CV is available upon request for further details.

If responding to this please do so only to my email, not via the list-serve. Thank you.

Happy ontologising.

Robert Rovetto

rrovetto[at]buffalo[dot]edu -- For general communication
ontologos[at]yahoo[dot]com -- For ontology-specific communication only

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