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Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2013 16:54:20 -0400
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A workshop on this topic will be held in Buffalo, NY on Thursday,
April 18, 2013.    (01)

Presentations will include:    (02)

"Why Ontologies? A Perspective from Military Intelligence"
Leo J. Obrst, Principal AI Scientist, MITRE Corporation    (03)

"Horizontal Integration of Civil Information"
Gerard Christman, Program Manager, Office of the Secretary of Defense    (04)

"Terror and Intelligence Ontologies"
Col. Ronen Cohen (Inspiration, C.A., Israel; Former Head of Terrorism Arena and
Deputy Head of Production Division of the IDF's Military Intelligence
Directorate)    (05)

Further information is available at: http://ncor.buffalo.edu/OI2/    (06)

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