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The Seventh International Conference on Formal Ontologies in Information 
Systems FOIS 2012
concluded last Friday in Graz, Austria. It was an exciting conference 
together with an
Early Career Symposium and three workshops:
- Workshop on Modular Ontologies
- Ontology and Semantic Web for Manufacturing
- Ontology-driven Information Systems Engineering    (01)

Highlights of the conference included keynote talks by Steve Ray, Laure 
Vieu, and Ed Zalta.    (02)

FOIS 2012 was co-located with the International Conference on Biomedical 
Ontologies (ICBO),
and the interaction among participants of both conferences was quite 
fruitful.    (03)

The quality of papers in FOIS this year was very high, and the decision 
for the Best Paper Award
was difficult. The winner of the IOS Press Best Paper Award at FOIS 2012 
"Three Semantics for the Core of the Distributed Ontology Language",
by Till Mossakowski, Christoph Lange, and Oliver Kutz    (04)

There were also two runner-up papers:
- "Ontology of Time in GFO" by Ringo Baumann, Frank Loebe, Heinrich Herre
- "States, Processes, and Events, and the Ontology of Causal Relations", 
by Antony Galton    (05)

All three papers will be invited to appear as extended versions in 
Applied Ontology.
Congratulations to all of the authors!    (06)

I would especially like to thank the following people who helped to make 
FOIS 2012 a success:
Maureen Donnelly (Programme Chair)
Giancarlo Guizzardi (Programme Chair)
Stefan Schulz (Local Chair)
Frank Loebe (Publicity Chair)    (07)

We are also grateful to all of our sponsors.    (08)

Finally, I would like to thank all of the attendees who made FOIS 2012 
so memorable.    (09)

Remember that all IAOA members have online access to the Proceedings of 
FOIS through IOS Press.    (010)

An invitation to submit bids for the location of FOIS 2014 will be 
distributed in the coming weeks.    (011)

- Michael Gruninger, Conference Chair    (012)

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