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[ontolog-forum] The concepts can change?

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From: Marcelino Sente <zaratruta@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2012 05:15:10 -0300
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What does it mean to say that concepts can change?
It is the case that the meaning of the concepts can change over time? In this case, what is the meaning of meaning? How one can to trace the identity of concepts over time, in order to judge that a (same) concept was changed? What remains the same when occur a change in a concept?

Or it is the case that each meaning is related to a single concept? In this perspective, seems that when we say that a concept was changed, in truth, we have two concepts: the previous concept and a new concept (with a new meaning). 

Does it make sense to say that a concept can cease to exists?

How these questions are related to the practice of ontology engineering?

Best regards.

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