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Date: Tue, 29 May 2012 17:58:25 -0400
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Attached is a call for papers for a symposium on the Artificial
Intelligence of Humor, which will be held in Arlington, Virginia,
November 2 to 4.  A one-page abstract is due on June 10 with full
papers due on September 1.    (01)

This is an interdisciplinary symposium for which topics related
to humor are welcome, even if they have not yet been applied
to recognize, analyze, or generate humorous texts.    (02)

Anyone who may have questions about appropriate topics can send
a note to the chair, Victor Raskin, <vraskin@xxxxxxxxxx> .  In
his note copied below, he offered to send a copy of an article
on computational humor upon request.    (03)

John Sowa    (04)

-------- Original Message --------    (05)

Dear John,    (06)

Thank you very much for your kind offer to distribute the attached CFP
to the lists you read. The AAAI Fall Series Symposium on Artificial
Intelligence of Humor is quite interested in mixing the experts with new
talent. Some people are doing excellent work without necessarily
relating it to humor. And people in humor research may be unaware of
these developments. We hope that the Symposium will help bridge the gap.
Those interested may read an almost up-to-date account of computational
humor in C. F. Hempelmann's chapter on it in my Primer.
I would be happy to email them a copy.    (07)

Best,    (08)

V.    (09)

Victor Raskin
Distinguished Professor of English and Linguistics
Professor of Computer Science (courtesy appointment)
Founder and Coordinator, Natural Language Processing Laboratory
Co-Founder and Associate Director, CERIAS
Co-Founder and Associate Director, Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in
Information Security
765-494-3780 fax
765-409-0675 cell (best)    (010)

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