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Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2012 00:50:22 +0100
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Dear Rich,
Comments interspersed:

On 2 Apr 2012, at 18:19, Rich Cooper wrote:

Dear Ronald,


I found a graphical view of the categories you espoused:

They are just topics that interest me in an informal network. The issue of categories is one of them.
Norms and knowledge point to each other to hint that I equate them.  Can you suggest counter examples?


I like the way you use normal conversational words to name the concept nodes.  Some of the links (i.e. [Norms, Knowledge]) have two directional arcs, though most have only one direction.  How do you interpret the two dimensional arcs, and what do they mean?


What is MEASUR?  How does it relate to the other concepts in the diagram? 

MEASUR is the name of the collection of tools and techniques for analysing organisations as information systems.
A discipline we adhere to in MEASUR is to use the natural language without introducing the neologisms that analysts and programmers 
feel obliged to employ.  Our everyday words as names for afffordances are embedded in a schema that makes their meanings clear.

I found the paper “Stumbling across a soft mathematics…”, though the URL is the same as for the other papers there: http://www.rstamper.co.uk/


Thanks for an intuitive categorization of reality, though I don’t think you mean it to be all encompassing.  Still, it shows categories that are interrelated on the basis of familiar objects and actions that are everyday concerns of many people. 

In the sense that universals are categories?  There is another way to introduce categories: by relating them to the restrictions they place on ontological dependecies




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