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Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2012 02:36:05 +0100
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WE INVITE YOU as a researcher or practitioner working on Pragmatic Web 
challenges to join the special Pragmatic Web track at RuleML 2012 @ ECAI share 
your work, and to come and find out what others are doing. This is an emerging 
network of people exploring the intersection of established intellectual 
traditions and the fast changing Web: come and help shape the community!    (01)

7th AIS SigPrag International Conference on Pragmatic Web (ICPW 2012)    (02)

http://www.pragmaticweb.info    (03)

at 6th International Symposium on Rules @ ECAI 2012 (RuleML2012)
Montpellier, France
August 27-29, 2012
====================================================================    (04)

The conference track on PRAGMATIC WEB is part of RuleML-2012 and centred on the 
study of pragmatics in the Semantic Web. That is, it draws attention to how 
communicative actions are performed by agents via Web media and illuminates how 
mutual understanding and commitments to actions can evolve in (agent) 
conversations. This year the Pragmatic Web conference track has a special focus 
on the applications of rule-based technologies and AI agent technologies for 
the Pragmatic Web. Topics of Interest include one or more of the following 
topics (but are not limited to):    (05)

============================================    (06)

We invite high-quality submissions related to (but not limited to) one or more 
of the following topics:
- Rule-Based Distributed/Multi-Agent Systems
- Rules, Agents and Norms
- Rule-Based Communication, Dialogue and Argumentation Models
- Vocabularies / ontologies for pragmatic primitives (e.g. speech acts, deontic 
- Pragmatic Web reasoning and distributed rule inference / rule execution    (07)

Important Dates
Abstract submission: March 25, 2012
Paper submission: April 1, 2012
Notification of acceptance/rejection: May 20, 2012
Camera-ready copy due: June 10, 2012
RuleML-2012 dates: August 27-29, 2012    (08)

Accepted papers will be published in the RuleML Springer LNCS proceedings    (09)

http://dbis.informatik.tu-cottbus.de/ruleml2012/calls.html    (010)

Pragmatic Web Conference Chairs
Adrian Paschke, Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany 
Hans Weigand, Tilburg University, The Netherlands
Empfehlen Sie GMX DSL Ihren Freunden und Bekannten und wir
belohnen Sie mit bis zu 50,- Euro! https://freundschaftswerbung.gmx.de    (011)

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