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From: Susanna Sansone <sa.sansone@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2012 00:25:52 +0000
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What: Call for participation in the Bio-Ontologies SIG 2012
Where: July 13 - 14, 2012, Long Beach, CA. (Co-located with ISMB 2012)
When: Submissions Due: April 13th, 2012 (Fri)
URL: www.bio-ontologies.org.uk

Dear Colleagues,

The Bio-Ontologies SIG provides a forum for discussion of the latest and innovative research in the application of ontologies and in the organisation, presentation and dissemination of knowledge in life sciences. Bio-Ontologies is one of the longest running SIG.  We are interested in innovative approaches to organizing and consuming knowledge in life sciences and biomedicine. 

We invite papers in traditional areas, such as the biological applications of ontologies, reports on newly developed ones, and the use of ontologies in data sharing standards. In addition, we invite submissions on using ontologies for translational research as well as data-driven approaches to evaluate ontologies. See the full list of subject areas at: http://www.bio-ontologies.org.uk/call-for-participation

We are inviting three types of submissions.

 - Short papers, up to 4 pages.
 - Poster abstracts, up to 1 page.
 - Flash updates, up to 1 page

Following review, successful papers will be presented at the Bio-Ontologies SIG. Poster abstracts will be provided poster space and time will be allocated during the 2 days for at least one poster session. Flash updates are for short talks (5 min) giving the salient new developments on existing public ontologies. Authors of posters can also provide a flash update. Unsuccessful papers will automatically be considered for poster presentation.

6-8 papers from the SIG are invited to submit an expanded version to a special issue of the open access Journal of Biomedical Semantics. The special issue with papers from 2011 (soon to be published!), will include:
  1. Beisswanger E. et al .. Towards Valid and Reusable Reference Alignments - Ten Basic Quality Checks for Ontology Alignments and Their Application to Three Different Reference Data Sets
  2. Ciccarese P. et al .. Open semantic annotation of scientific publications using DOMEO
  3. Good B.M. et al .. Linking genes to diseases with a SNPedia-Gene Wiki mashup
  4. Jupp S. et al .. Logical Gene Ontology Annotations (GOAL): Exploring gene ontology annotations with OWL
  5. LePendu P. et al .. Annotation Analysis for Testing Drug Safety Signals using Unstructured Clinical Notes
  6. Tcheremenskaia O. et al .. OpenTox Predictive Toxicology Framework: toxicological ontology and semantic media wiki-based OpenToxipedia
  7. Tsatsaronis G. et al .. A Maximum-Entropy Approach for Accurate Document Annotation in the Biomedical Domain
-- SIG Organizers

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