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Subject: [FOM] [CiE 2012] Deadline for Turing Centenary Conference approaching    (02)

Dear CiE Member    (03)

We are now very close to the deadline for submissions for the Alan
Turing Year CiE 2012 conference in Cambridge. This is already shaping up
to be a quite exceptional event, to be remembered for many years to come.    (04)

A large number of submissions is already in prospect, both for the LNCS
volume, and for presentation. Please encourage your contacts and
colleagues to get their papers in in the next few days.    (05)

In a remarkable year for the field of computability in all its broad
relevance, and its technical beauty, Cambridge in June is a key place to
be. The spirit of Turing was the inspiration for the founding of
Computability in Europe, and will run through the Cambridge Conference,
and through the many other wonderful events around the world. This is a
year to make the most of.    (06)

All best wishes    (07)

Barry Cooper
for Association CiE    (08)

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