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[ontolog-forum] Universal and categories in BFO & DOLCE

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From: Patrick Browne <patrick.browne@xxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 04 Sep 2011 11:48:59 +0100
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I am trying to establish whether BFO and DOLCE use the same set
theoretic semantics when formalizing the terms universal and category.
AFAIK DOLCE is an ontology of particulars and universals are not
formally part of the representational artifact, but they nonetheless
occur in practice.    (01)

Below are some assumptions, followed by two questions.
1. Categories are classes (sets?) of high level generic entities e.g.
Physical Object
2. Universals are classes (sets?) of particulars e.g. Country
3. Particulars are individual instantiations of universals e.g. Ireland
4. Categories are organized using subsumption hierarchies (sub-set
5. Universals are organized using subsumption hierarchies (sub-set
6. Particulars are elements of Universals (element-of or set-membership
relation)    (02)

Question 1: In DOLCE is the relationship between Categories and
Universals also a subsumption relation, with the caveat the categories
are higher up the hierarchy than universals?
Question 2: In DOLCE could it be the case a particular could be an
element of a universal and an element of a category as follows:
  ((P isElementOf U) and (U isSubsetOf C) => (P isElementOf C) = true) .    (03)

I posted a similar query to the BFO mailing list [1]    (04)

Pat Browne
http://www.comp.dit.ie/pbrowne    (05)

http://groups.google.com/group/bfo-discuss/browse_thread/thread/7ae07db19d62af5e    (06)

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