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***Please excuse cross-posting***

DC-2011 Pre-conference Session: "Vocabulary Management and Alignment"
DATE: 21 September 2011
TIME: 9:00 - 17:00
PLACE: National Library of the Netherlands, The Hague
   [Registration is available for this special day-long session only or for the full conference]

We are writing to invite you to participate in a Dublin Core special session being planned for DC-2011 at The Hague.[1] The day-long pre-conference special session is intended as a forum for managers of structured data vocabularies as well as researches and practitioners working on metadata management and controlled vocabularies.[2] The session will be focused on the shared needs for vocabulary management infrastructure, the policy issues surrounding vocabulary management, and the possibility of mapping between vocabularies. The topics listed are only suggestions--attendees will be able to influence the direction of discussion. A poll will be circulated to registrants prior to the meeting to gather additional background information and help set the agenda.

At DC-2010, Mike Bergman's keynote address strongly suggested that DCMI has a potential role in promoting co-operation among vocabulary managers and in providing best practices for vocabulary alignment and interoperability. The inevitable and useful proliferation of vocabularies emerging in the linked data space demonstrates a need for increased vocabulary reuse and tools to facilitate this reuse, as well as central reference vocabularies and tools to manage and encourage vocabulary mapping. The purpose of this day-long special session at DC-2011 is to explore the issues identified by Bergman among others and DCMI's potential role in supporting vocabulary alignment, interoperability and preservation across the metadata ecosystem.

If travel is not an option for any of you, remote participation may be possible through IRC. Please note that early-bird registration ends on 5 September. 

We very much hope some or all of you may be able to attend what we expect to be a very useful event.


Tom Baker, DCMI, United States
Corey Harper, New York University, United States
Diane Hillmann, DCMI, United States
Gordon Dunsire, Consultant, United Kingdom
Johannes Keizer, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Italy
Jon Phipps, Metadata Management Associates, United States

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