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Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2011 09:59:02 -0700
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We are offering an extra opportunity for Ontolog Forum participants to submit papers to this workshop if you can get it to us by the end of the month (June). One reason is that this workshop builds on the theme of the 2009 Ontology Summit, “Toward Ontology-based Standards.”


Please see http://www.ieee-icsc.org/ICSC2011/# for details – click on “Workshops” to find the one on systems integration and standards.


For submissions, please use the templates at http://www.ieee-icsc.org/ICSC2011/, but because of the timeframe, please send them directly to either:


Ram Sriram (sriram@xxxxxxxx) or

Steve Ray (steve.ray@xxxxxxxxxx)



See you at Stanford?


-       Steve



Steven R. Ray, Ph.D.

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