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From: "Deus, Helena" <helena.deus@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2011 12:49:59 +0100
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<<apologies for cross-posting>>


Title: Software Developer/Research Assistant (2 year post) for R&D in the area of Semantic Web in Life Sciences


The Health Care and Life Sciences (HCLS) at the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI: http://www.deri.ie/) of the National University of Ireland, Galway invites applications for a research assistant position.


DERI is a leading research institute in semantic technologies that offers a stimulating, dynamic and multi-cultural research environment, excellent ties to research-groups worldwide, close collaboration with industrial partners and up-to-date infrastructure and resources.



The DERI HCLS group has embarked on an ambitious European FP7 project which uses semantic web technologies to enable sharing and collaboration between life scientists in cancer chemoprevention. The successful candidate will participate in the creation of a semantic web enabled platform to help cancer chemoprevention researchers share and discover novel chemical agents that prevent cancer.


Duration of the position

2 years



Candidates should have the following:


·         Knowledge of Semantic Technologies such as Linked Data, RDF, SPARQL

·         Knowledge of Web Service technologies

·         Experience with Java, PHP, Python and/or _javascript_


Candidates should also have one of the following:


·         Previous experience with Biomedical Ontologies, in specific NCBO

·         Previous work with wet lab /bench researchers; knowledge about biomedical databases, commonly used biological UI (genome browsers, clustering tools) and commonly used Bioinformatics tools (BLAST, CLUSTAL-W,etc)

·         Experience with Natural Language Processing tools, preferably with extraction from PDF


This is an excellent opportunity to broaden your skills into the rapidly growing area of semantic web and linked data technologies.


The HCLS Unit at DERI combines both technical (linked data/semantic web technologies) and domain (life sciences) expertise, and is looking for a candidate eager to combine these two through formal scientific work, design, and implementation, with hands-on evaluation with life scientists.


Please send your application (CV, two letters of reference) in PDF format to the email address below – by June 15th, 2011


Further details can be obtained from:


Ronan Fox

Domain for Health Care and Life Sciences

DERI - National University of Ireland, Galway

IDA Business Park,

Lower Dangan,

Galway, Ireland

ronan dot fox at deri dot org


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