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My sincere congratulations to GoogleTranslate for the translation of the 
in Spanish http://www.innoget.es/open-innovation/openInnovation.html into 
English that runs like this:
The Open Innovation and Open Innovation has been defined as the intentional use 
of inflows and outflows of knowledge to the objectives to accelerate internal 
innovation and expand foreign markets, respectively. (Chesbrough, 2003). With 
the introduction of Open Innovation the boundaries of organizations become 
permeable, which allows you to integrate corporate resources with its external 
partners. In the closed innovation model firms innovate only from its internal 
resources. Usually in the process of innovation ideas are analyzed and the best 
and most promising are selected and go to the phases of development and 
marketing on. The less promising ideas are abandoned. What distinguishes 
innovation open innovation process is closed in the latter all ideas, 
inventions, research and development are generated within the company until the 
final product market launches. However, with the Open Innovation the company 
make use of external expertise (eg technology) and even allow other 
organizations to develop products from their innovations.     (01)

Under an open innovation model there is a very active input of knowledge within 
the organization, resulting in collaborative projects with external partners or 
the purchase and incorporation of external technologies. At the same time, 
innovations arising from the company can be sold in the form of technologies 
/ or industrial property to other organizations, either because they are of 
strategic importance within their business model, either because the company 
no capacity or experience to develop itself. The end result is that some 
products reach the market through a route entirely within, from the idea stage 
to commercialization, while others are the result of the incorporation of 
external knowledge at different stages of development.     (02)

Without doubt, there is clear evidence of the benefits of opening the process 
innovation to the ideas and knowledge in both directions. We can summarize as 
follows:     (03)

    * Reduced time and cost of innovation projects 
    * Incorporation of solutions and innovations in the form of ideas, patents, 
products and technologies that have never been developed by the company due to 
lack of time, knowledge and / or technological means     (04)

    * Marketing of innovations that lack of ability or strategic reasons do not 
have an outlet to market through the organization     (05)

To enter the Open Innovation requires the existence of virtual innovation 
intermediaries how Innoget. Through our Marketplace, and with minimal resources 
compared to other systems, organizations remain connected to this network of 
external knowledge as necessary for the implementation of open innovation. 
Innoget, with its unique model and IBoxes Challenges, available to 
and scientific and technological community meeting point between them. If you 
want to discover why different Innoget see the latest opportunities posted on 
our Open Innovation Marketplace

I wonder what your guess is of how they (Google) have produced this unusally 
good quality?    (07)

"our attention becomes structured by external demands. In more intimate 
encounters, the level of both challenges and skills can grow very high. Thus, 
interactions have many of the characteristics of flow activities, and they 
certainly require the orderly investment of mental energy. The strong effects 
of     (08)

companionship on the quality of experience suggest that investing energy in 
relationships is a good way to improve life." Mihály 
Csíkszentmihályi"http://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/199707/finding-flow?page=3    (09)

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