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Apologies for duplicate post – this post corrects some errors in the previous version.


UAI 2011 Call for Papers

The 27th Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI 2011) will be located in Barcelona, Spain, on July 14-17, 2011. Sessions will be held at the Campus Roger de Lluria of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF). The conference will happen just before the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI).

UAI is the premier conference on issues relating to representation and management of uncertainty within the field of Artificial Intelligence. UAI is supported by the Association for Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (AUAI).

We encourage submissions that report on theoretical or methodological advances in modeling, inference, learning and decision making under uncertainty. Submissions reporting on novel and insightful applications of these techniques within intelligent systems are also strongly encouraged. Examples of such application areas include, but are not limited to, computational biology, computer vision, speech processing, computational linguistics, information retrieval, medical systems, multi-agent systems, robotics, and sensor networks.


  • Friday, March 18 2011, midnight GMT: UAI full paper submission
  • Friday, April 29 2011: Reviews available.
  • Thursday, May 5 2011, midnight GMT: Author feedback due.
  • Wednesday, June 1 2011: Author notification.
  • Friday, June 17 2011: Camera ready due.

NOTE: midnight GMT = 7pm EST = 4pm PST

Paper Submission Details

UAI 2011 requires electronic submission of papers and abstracts, inserted in the confmaster system (http://uai.confmaster.net). Reviewing will be double-blind, so authors should take care not to reveal their identities in their submission.

A regular submitted paper should not be under review by any other conference at the time it is submitted to UAI 2011 nor at any time during the reviewing period of UAI 2011. At the time of submission, a regular paper should also not have already been accepted for publication in a journal. The standard UAI paper length is eight (8) pages, including all figures and bibliography. Authors may optionally purchase up to two (2) additional pages for a fee, the cost of which will be determined later (in 2010 it was $150US/page). We note that the confmaster paper submission site allows the optional submission of supplementary material up to length 5MBs, which may contain proofs, background material, and so on in support of the UAI2011 anonymous submission.

UAI has traditionally mostly attracted submissions from computer scientists, even though reasoning under uncertainty is an important topic in many other areas such as statistics, economics and philosophy. To accommodate the publishing traditions of these fields, authors may submit working papers that are under review in a journal, as NOT-FOR-PROCEEDINGS submissions. These submissions will be subject to review and considered for presentation at the conference but not for publication in the proceedings. These submissions need not conform to the conference paper format. Abstracts (max. 1 page) of accepted working papers will be included in the proceedings and must be coupled with a URL that points to the full paper and that will be reliable for at least two years. Open access is strongly preferred although the paper can be hosted by a publisher who takes copyright and limits access, as long as there is a link to the location.

Presentation, Proceedings and Awards

Accepted papers will be presented at the conference in either plenary or poster sessions. At least one of the paper's authors should be present at the conference to present the work. All accepted papers will be included in the Proceedings of the Twenty Seventh Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence. The program committee will select papers for special distinction in two categories at UAI 2011: a "Best Paper" award, and a "Best Student Paper" award. The conference home page will contain instructions for certifying student status with regards to the latter award.



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