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Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2010 16:16:54 -0500
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Mike and Chris,    (01)

I just want to summarize, highlight, and emphasize:    (02)

    The majority of all logic-based tools on earth support Common Logic.
    That includes every tool written for the Semantic Web.    (03)

The reason is simple:  CL is a superset of every version of logic that
is defined in terms of any subset of CL semantics.  That includes
*every* tool that has been implemented for the Semantic Web.    (04)

> ... more and more companies are feeling that they should use OWL
> because there is a perception of more tools, greater support,
> less vendor-lockin and a larger community.    (05)

The CL community includes the Semantic Web community as a proper subset.
Please remember that Pat Hayes worked with Guha and others to specify
the semantics of RDF.  That semantics is based on the model theory
that Pat and Chris Menzel developed for Common Logic.  See    (06)

    RDF Semantics    (07)

    LBase: Semantics for Languages of the Semantic Web    (08)

> It is a mistake to think of Common Logic as some sort of competitor
> to OWL, RDF, etc. One of the central goals of Common Logic's design
> was to serve as an overarching abstract logical framework in which
> the underlying commonalities and differences between concrete
> frameworks could be easily identified.    (09)

Yes indeed.    (010)

Furthermore, there is a superset of CL, called IKL, which adds one
extra operator to CL.  And that version is even more general.
Doug Lenat stated explicitly that IKL is capable of representing
the full CycL language.    (011)

See the following report for round-trip tests of IKL as the interchange
language for interoperability of CycL and several other very general
knowledge representation languages.  This is the final report of the
Evaluation Working Group of the IKRIS Project (Interoperable Knowledge
Representation for Intelligence Support):    (012)

http://nrrc.mitre.org/NRRC/Docs_Data/ikris/IKRIS_Evaluation_Report_31Dec06.doc    (013)

For the IKL Specifications, see    (014)

    http://www.ihmc.us/users/phayes/IKL/SPEC/SPEC.html    (015)

For the IKL User's Guide, see    (016)

    http://www.ihmc.us/users/phayes/ikl/guide/guide.html    (017)

Bottom Line:  The overwhelming majority of tools for logic and reasoning
can be used with Common Logic.  The IKL extensions to CL are sufficient
to include all the tools developed for systems as advanced as Cyc.    (018)

John    (019)

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