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From: David Eddy <deddy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2010 18:10:56 -0400
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John -    (01)

On Sep 17, 2010, at 10:45 AM, John F. Sowa wrote:    (02)

>> - Have a champion.  No idea or project succeeds without one committed
>> person to drive it.    (03)

Over the past 40+ years the data dictionary (aka metadata repository,  
thanks to IBM's AD/Cycle) has "enjoyed" at best a 5% success rate  
across Fortune 500 organizations.  Controlled language is a critical  
success factor of successful data dictionary efforts.    (04)

A key survivability/sustainability factor is that the process MUST be  
built into the normal AUTOMATED workflow of the organization.    (05)

I knew one effort that was successful for 20+ years, and when the two  
person team running it retired, the whole effort was in the trash in  
short order.    (06)

The executive sponsor will move on to other things long before you  
can automate the process into the DNA of the organization.  In a  
simpler time (early 1980s) in a fairly small organization it took the  
technical implementer 4 years to get all the automation pieces in place.    (07)

Now that the "production platform" is spread across Windows, Unix,  
iSeries, Mainframe & "other" I suspect things are going to be a bit  
more complex.    (08)

As always... this is what you have to do... http://www.tdan.com/view- 
articles/6123    (09)

Oh... it really, really, really helps if the technical implementor is  
a Marine.    (010)

My two cents.    (011)

David Eddy
deddy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx    (012)

781-455-0949    (013)

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