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Hi All,    (04)

I've been digging around for the past few days and have hit a dead end.    (05)

I'm looking for the average number of words that an average western adult is 
exposed to daily.    (06)

Any combination of words:    (07)

seen    (08)

would help.    (09)

The main "sources" I've found are via:  
which focus on words spoken. And as that article notes (and I've confirmed for 
the studies I've been able to track down), almost none of those "sources" 
actually cite or indicate how the word count was derived.    (010)

Does anyone have any leads on something a bit more substantive? And on anything 
that g oes beyond spoken to also heard + read + seen?    (011)

Ali    (012)

www.pinkarmy.org    (013)

(`'.(`'.().').') .,.,     (014)

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