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Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 17:07:16 -0400
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The annual SemTech Conference is fast approaching, and will take place in San Francisco on June 21-25 at the San Francisco Hilton on Union Square.  The complete agenda is available here: 



Ontolog Forum list members receive a $200 discount on regular conference registration fees by using the coupon code of “ST10C7” during the online registration process.


OWLED Program


This year, we’re also pleased to announce that OWLED will take place at the beginning of the SemTech program.  The OWLED agenda has just been released and is available here:




Over 150 Presentations



Ontolog Forum list members are invited to enjoy a program that includes over 150 presentations and mingle with over 1000 semantic developers, researchers and entrepreneurs from around the world.  SemTech always highlights the commercial applications and business opportunities of semantic technologies and this year is no exception.  There are dozens of case studies from organizations such as Pfizer, Nokia, BestBuy, Boeing, and many government agencies from around the world. 


Some of the topical areas this year are involve semantic applications in:

-              Marketing and Advertising

-              Financial Services

-              Healthcare and Health Reform

-              Publishing

-              Social Networks

-              Open Government

-              Enterprise Data Management

-              Emergency Response

-              Life Sciences



Academic Discounts


Academic discounts are also available. Please see the web site for details.





Please contact info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx if you have any questions about the SemTech 2010 program.  We hope to see you next month in San Francisco!





Dave McComb  (970) 490-2224

President, Semantic Arts http://www.semanticarts.com

Taking complexity and cost out of information systems


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