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Re: [ontolog-forum] Foundation ontology, CYC, and Mapping

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Dear PatC,


Moreover, one need not agree on a unique set of primitives. There might be 7-8 different sets with mappings between them, but no real "join" or generalization of the primitives - i.e. 7-8 different FO's that all efforts have been unable to merge.

I.e. instead of a single hub-spoke, you have 7-8 hubs and ensuing spokes, with the hubs connected to one another.

[[PC]] How would the hubs be connected to each other?  If the mappings are not 1 to 1, what kinds of relations would have to be defined?  Would you introduce new more basic elements to create the translations among the 7-8 hubs?  Would accurate translations be possible?  (If they are 1 to 1, the ontologies are essentially identical, a case I have never seen).


MW: Ideally you would have biconditional assertions of equivalence, i.e. that some pattern of instances of ontology A was equivalent to some pattern of instances in ontology B. There would not need to be any additional terms.


MW: Now you might want to abstract from both ontologies the underspecified terms John has been talking about, but that is just an aid to simplifying the mapping process.


Here’s a dichotomy:  (1) two candidates for an FO are logically contradictory.  Attempted mappings without stringent effort to isolate and avoid the inconsistency may cause disastrous errors in translation among them.


MW: I don’t think so. Take 3D and 4D, it is not so difficult. Anything in 3D can be mapped into 4D using the approach above. Not everything a 4D ontology can be mapped into 3D, but these would be things a 3D ontology would claim do not exist anyway, so you would not care about the loss.




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