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Re: [ontolog-forum] Foundation ontology, CYC, and Mapping

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Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2010 18:07:14 -0000
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Dear John,    (01)

We went round this mulberry bush before Christmas, but I'm happy to go round
again if you insist.    (02)

> In my previous note, I forgot to comment on the following point:
> MW> One of the attractions to me of 4D with possible worlds is that
>  > you do not need types, because 4D essentially makes things timeless
>  > and unchanging, and possible worlds allows you  to deal with the
>  > intentional.
> There are very strong reasons for distinguishing sets and types,
> independently of your ontology for time and space.
> For example, the set of all unicorns     (03)

MW: As I have said before this is a non-problem if you use possible worlds,
which I explicitly stated above to try to avoid repeating this discussion.    (04)

> and the set of all motherless
> cows happen to be identical, namely the empty set.      (05)

MW: The set of all motherless cows does not refer to anything, even in any
possible world, so I am quite happy that that is identical to the empty set,
along with all other things that do not refer, and so are non-sense.    (06)

> But their
> definitions are not equivalent.    (07)

MW: Well unicorns are fine, but motherless cows does not mean anything, so I
don't care.
> There are also many sets that have a type constraint on their members,
> such as the set of all cows in Nebraska.  It is very difficult to
> specify that set by enumerating its members, but if you see any cow
> in Nebraska, you immediately know that it is a member of that set.    (08)

MW: You do not have to enumerate the members, or go and meet them all. That
is epistemology. Ontology is simply the fact that it is a set.    (09)

Regards    (010)

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