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This posting was on the PsyArt list, but since it has to do with literature, with language games, and with brains, it might fit into our conversations about ontologies, language games and branes.  


The proceeds are donated, and I don’t get a dime from it, so I hope the “where-to-get-it” that the poster pasted into the post’s posterior isn’t perceived as problematic by persons perusing this post.  






Rich Cooper


Rich AT EnglishLogicKernel DOT com

From: Norman Holland [mailto:normholland@xxxxxxxxx]
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To: PsyArt Foundation
Subject: Literature and the Brain


Please feel free to send this notice on to people and lists you think might be interested--


This book goes straight to the basic human questions about literature when it explains how our brains convert the imaginary events of stories, poems, plays, and films into real pleasure. Our brains can do this, because we know in our frontal lobes that we cannot act to change our posteriorly processed perceptions of the literary work. This is only one of the special ways our brains react as we go from the creation of literature to being transported, to “poetic faith,” to enjoyment, to meaning, and finally to evaluation. Each of these parts of the literary process draws on brain processes in an unusual way. Literature and the Brain describes and explains these brain changes, giving us a new understanding of what we do when we do literature and why we do it.

    Read more

See a video    

Available as —

Hardcover $44.95    Support independent publishing: buy this book.

Paperback $24.95    Support independent publishing: buy this book.

Download  $9.95    Support independent publishing: buy this book.

    All profits from this book will go to support the PsyArt Foundation and the psychological study of the arts.


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