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[ontolog-forum] ESWC 2010: Call for System Demonstrations

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From: valentina presutti <vpresutti@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 2010 14:12:59 +0100
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               ESWC 2010 - CALL FOR SYSTEM DEMONSTRATIONS    (01)

     7th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2010)
               30 May  3 June 2010, Heraklion, Greece
                        http://www.eswc2010.org/    (02)

                         Online version of this call:
****************************************************************    (03)

The ESWC is the leading European conference on theory, practice and  
applications of Semantic Web technologies, attracting an increasing  
number of participants from various communities and sectors.
The demonstrations track of the ESWC2010 complements the overall  
program of the conference with demonstrations of real-world, proven- 
and-tested advances of semantic technologies. In addition to papers  
and posters presenting latest theoretical achievements the ESWC2010 is  
seeking demonstrations of novel applications of semantics in various  
sectors, as well as innovative enabling technologies and deployment  
infrastructures relevant for the topics of interest t the main  
conference and the research and poster tracks.
Submissions to the demonstrations track must be in form of a textual  
description of the demonstration to be given at the conference. The  
submissions must be maximally 5 pages long and formatted according to  
the Springer LNCS style. They should be submitted as PDF using the  
conference submission system.
For more information about the Springer's Lecture Notes in Computer  
Science (LNCS) please click here.
Accepted submissions to the demonstrations track will be published as  
part of the ESWC2010 proceedings. As such, the quality assurance will  
be strict, and the demonstrations will be subject to review by a  
separate Program Committee. Proposed demonstrations must show  
relevance, novelty and significance to the topics of the conference.  
The associated textual descriptions should contain sections answering  
the following questions, as appropriate:
1.      What is the research background and application context of the  
2.      What is the key technology used, and how does the demonstrated  
system, application or infrastructure relate to pre-existing work?
3.      What exactly will be demonstrated? What exactly will a visitor of  
the demonstration learn?    (04)

Important Dates
Submission (Demos): January 25, 2010 (11:59 pm Hawaii time)
Notification (Demos): February 26, 2010
Camera Ready (Demos): March 10, 2010    (05)

Submission Details
Submission and reviewing of demonstrations and posters will be  
electronic via the ESWC2010 Demo EasyChair installation, which will be  
available shortly.    (06)

Poster/Demonstration Session Chairs
Liliana Cabral (Open University, UK)
Tania Tudorache (Stanford University, US)    (07)

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