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[ontolog-forum] The financial system is an excellent example.

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Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 08:46:04 +0000 (GMT)
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John et al,
Yes, I agree with that statement in the subject line, but I am led to different conclusions
JS wrote:
Double-entry bookkeeping and the basics of banking services were developed during the Italian
Renaissance.  The terminology for banking services is fairly universal. Banks have been able to do electronic funds transfers and other kinds of interactions for many decades.
Before the Big Five were merged I worked for all of them separately. I had a piece of software (under DOS) of my own development to align those terms being party different with each. It was especially important in translating Financial Statements to and from English/Hungarian. But that is not the main issue.
The main issue is synchronization and not just thze alignment of data.
1.You cannot afford not to have reality checks
2. For any reality check you need specific knowledge as opposed to vague statements. by turning verbs into nouns, by "abstracting" them you immediately create vagueness.
3. All the arithmetics and algebra was introduced for practical reasons - to give account of what  you have in terms of objects. Taking inventory is required to make decisions. And you have time and space specified for each stock-taking. except for sams, like "now you see it, now you do not".
4. Double-entry book-keeping is the origin of scams with derivatives. It allows for stock taking at two points of time without the consequences of discovering discrepancies, irregularities, manipulations and forgery in between.
5. The very same happens to thinking where shifts are made at fast speed and you lose track. I n man y instances  "Abstracting" is not used to clarify things, but to obscure things.
6. Scamland Hungary has a long history of playing now you see it, now you don't. It is based on logic and power of position. But the issue of augmenting intellect in the States is not far from her achievements either.
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