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[ontolog-forum] 2nd Call for Submissions to the 3rd Int. Rules Challenge

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[Our apologies if you receive duplicates of this posting]


          3rd International Rules Challenge





         co-located with the Business Rules Forum


          November 5-7 2009, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA






     Second Call for Submissions to the 2009 Rules Challenge




The Rules Challenge is one of the highlights at RuleML-2009. Submissions

are bound to come to the attention of a wide audience, for reasons

outlined below. The goal of the Rules Challenge is to encourage any

work of practical relevance in the field of Rule Based Applications,

spanning the range from research to industry.



* What to submit


Submission topics may come from a wide range of the field, such as

(but not limited to) the following:


 - best practice solutions, e.g., design patterns and architecture models;

 - case studies and experience reports describing novel or interesting

   solutions and use cases;

 - benchmarks and other evaluations of rule-based systems;

 - tools for manipulating rules and related data in existing or

   emerging standards (e.g., RuleML, RIF, SBVR, PRR,...) or commercial

   rule-based system implementations;

 - engineering methods for development and deployment of rule-based



Authors are invited to submit original contributions of practical

relevance and technical rigor in the field.


A submission should consist of a paper (typically of 4-8 pages) describing

any theoretical foundation, implementation issues, technical details and

collected results of your work. If applicable, a demonstration program

illustrating your development would be highly valued.



* Publication and Review


Peer-reviewed  papers, which must be in English, will be published

in additional special Challenge proceedings, to be published (as

CEUR proceedings www.CEUR-WS.org), along with the online publication

of your demo in the highly visible growing Rules Challenge pool

(http://ruleml-challenge.cs.nccu.edu.tw). To ensure high quality,

submitted papers will be carefully peer-reviewed by 3 PC members

based on originality, significance, technical soundness, and clarity

of exposition.  A selection of revised papers from the Challenge will

be resubmitted to a special issue of a journal.



* Where to submit


The RuleML-2009 Challenge papers submission website:


Please upload all submissions as PDF files in LNCS format



The RuleML-2009 Demonstration systems submission website: 


Alternatively, your demo could be provided online, as a Web service,

or for downloading from a site of your choice. Links to product demos

should be password-protected: please submit a password for anonymous

login from any Web browser, giving us the permission to pass the

password on up to 5 PC members.



* Why you should participate


RuleML-2009, the 3rd International Symposium on Rules, Applications and

Interoperability in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, is one of the most attractive

international conferences, now being in the top 100 venues for scientific

impact factor in CiteseerX. Being this year collocated with the 12th

Business Rules Forum, the world's largest Business Rules event, it is

guaranteed to bring your contribution to the attention of the widest-ever



The participants of the Challenge will have the opportunity to be part

of the latest trends in rule technology and standards development

through high-density interaction with the experts in this field.


Last, but not least - there are prestigious prizes to be won!



* Important Dates


September  4th – submission deadline for demo papers and systems

September 15th – notification of accepted demo papers and systems

October   22th - submission deadline for demo systems without papers 

October   29th - notification of accepted demo systems without papers 



               MAKE RULEML-2009 YOUR SHOWCASE!



* 2009 Rules Challenge Program Committee


See Challenge website http://2009.ruleml.org/challenge.




                     About RuleML-2009


This year, the 3rd International Symposium on Rules, Applications and

Interoperability (RuleML-2009) takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA,

collocated with the 12th Business Rules Forum, the world's largest

Business Rules event. RuleML-2009 is devoted to practical distributed

rule technologies and rule-based applications. The International

Symposium on Rules, Applications and Interoperability has evolved

from an annual series of international workshops since 2002,

international conferences in 2005 and 2006, and international symposia

since 2007, and is now in the top 100 venues for scientific impact

factor in CiteseerX (http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/stats/venues).




                       Supported by


W3C, OMG, ACM, AAAI, ECCAI, IAAIL, ACM, Belgian Business Rules Forum MIT

Sloan CIO Symposium, EPTS, BPM Forum Belgium



                       Sponsored by


BBN Technologies

Franz Inc

NICTA (National ICT Australia) Ltd

Corporate Semantic Web

Logic Programming Associated Ltd



Modelsystems Ltd


(Sponsoring opportunities: http://2009.ruleml.org/sponsors)






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