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Re: [ontolog-forum] End of the line for triple stores

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Date: Mon, 03 Aug 2009 08:52:07 -0400
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Phil,    (01)

I just returned from traveling, and I wasn't able to do much
email processing.  So I didn't respond to the following point
from your note of July 23:    (02)

PM> The number of people (and businesses) who can benefit directly
 > and substantively from such massive database processing is tiny.
 > It's a "solution" for those who benefit economically from
 > processing massive amounts of data. It's trickle-down
 > techno-economics.    (03)

In my travels, I saw a demo of a medical application based on RDF
and OWL.  The presenters apologized for not being able to connect
to their server at home and were running on a laptop with "only"
two gigabytes of RAM and two multi-gigahertz CPUs.  That "puny"
little system choked on the data and crashed.    (04)

I'm no fan of trickle-down economics.  I subscribe to the "suck up"
theory:  give a dollar to the poor or middle class, and the rich
will suck it up before the end of the week.    (05)

But it is a fact of life that the supercomputers of 20 years ago
are now entry-level systems.  Those computers are capable of doing
serious AI processing.  We can have truly intelligent personal
assistants, but we need well designed software that doesn't choke
because it's running on only two gigabytes of RAM.    (06)

PM> Semantic strategies and a broad spectrum of technologies that
 > enable us to contribute more effectively to the organizations in
 > which we participate (as well as to our personal bottom lines)
 > and enable us to interact more effectively with our information-
 > shrouded realities are more important than the processing of
 > massive amounts of data.    (07)

The human brain is the most massive data processor on planet
earth.  But it has associative memory, not path-based searches
like SPARQL.    (08)

PM> Getting the right data and/or creating it incrementally in
 > a **meaningful form** and connecting it **directly** with the
 > creation of value is the more important problem.    (09)

I agree.  But you can't get there with software that chokes
with "only" 2 GB of RAM.    (010)

John    (011)

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