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Re: [ontolog-forum] History of AI and Commercial Data Processing

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Ed,    (01)

EB> VM/370 itself was the successor to CP/CMS - the "Cambridge Monitor
 > System" -- a 360 operating systems built by the rather famous British
 > university.    (02)

CMS was designed and implemented at the IBM Cambridge Scientific Center,
which was located behind MIT.  The first version ran on the virtual
machine project based on IBM 7044 hardware with special-purpose features
for handling virtual memory.    (03)

Since many of the people employed on the project had come from MIT,
they ported tools and ideas from the 7094 at Project MAC to the
7044 and later to a System/360 Model 40, which had an address
translation box attached to it.  When the 360 Model 67 became
available, they got CP67/CMS running on it long before the
intended TSS/360 was available.    (04)

EB> And OBTW, not all the academics were entirely out of the mainstream.    (05)

I certainly agree.  Look at all the business startups that cluster
around universities that have strong engineering departments.    (06)

Unfortunately, the move from the IBM 7094 to the PDP-6 put AI
researchers out of touch with *both* the IBM mainstream and the
DEC mainstream.  The later move to LISP machines made them even
more isolated.    (07)

John    (08)

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