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Date: Mon, 8 Jun 2009 08:46:55 -0400
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Hello all,
The IDT Journal is relatively new, but has a solid foundation with the KES 
workshops and IOS publishing house. They are looking for papers related to the 
topic intelligent decision technologies. As ontologies are increasingly moving 
into this domain, everyone in our forum should be aware of this opportunity for 
publishing.    (01)

All the best
Andreas Tolk    (02)

Please circulate:    (03)

Papers are invited:    (04)

"An International Journal of Intelligent Decision Technologies"
http://www.iospress.nl/loadtop/load.php?isbn=18724981    (05)

Aims and Scope:    (06)

The field of intelligent systems is expanding rapidly due, in part, to recent 
advances in Artificial Intelligence and a Network-centric environment that can 
deliver the technology. Networks have integrated the Internet and wireless 
technologies to enable communication and coordination between dispersed 
systems. At the same time, AI techniques such as intelligent agents have 
demonstrated that they have matured sufficiently for practical applications. 
One of the most successful areas for advances has been intelligent decision 
making.     (07)

Since many applications involve some type of decision, a journal focused on 
intelligent technologies and their application to decision making is needed. 
The field of intelligent decision systems is interdisciplinary in nature, 
bridging computer science with its development of artificial intelligence, 
information systems with its development of decision support systems, and 
engineering with its development of systems. Many journals are firmly rooted in 
a specific discipline, giving them a narrow view of their research field. The 
international journal of Intelligent Decision Technologies seeks to attract 
research that is focused on applied technology while exploring the development 
at a fundamental level.    (08)

Regards,    (09)

Gloria Phillips-Wren, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Chair
Information Systems and Operations Management Dept.
Sellinger School of Business and Mgmt
Loyola College in Maryland
4501 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21210
Email: gwren@xxxxxxxxxx    (010)

Lakhmi C. Jain,
PhD, ME, BE(Hons), Fellow (Engineers Aust), Professor of Knowledge-Based 
Engineering, Founding Director of the KES Centre, School of Electrical and 
Information Engineering, University of South Australia, Adelaide, Mawson Lakes 
Campus, South Australia SA 5095, Australia    (011)

Lakhmi.jain@xxxxxxxxxxxx    (012)

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