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Re: [ontolog-forum] IKL mailing list for discussions?

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Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2009 07:38:21 -0700
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see below
Dick McCullough
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> Dick,
> RHM> I consider any language to be a tool for thinking.
> I agree with that point.  The languages of mathematics, logic,
> and computer science have enabled people to think about complex
> issues in far greater depth and precision than they can in
> ordinary NLs.  But the conclusions they reach can always be
> restated and explained in a natural language.
> RHM> IKL, as a logical language, provides a tool for reasoning.
> > I put IKL in the class of languages like Prolog.
> I suspect that you are trying to draw some kind of distinction
> that will make mKR a more "human" language than IKL or Prolog.
No, I'm not.
My only subject here is IKL.    (02)

> But any language that you can implement on a digital computer
> is limited by the formal structure of the computer.  You cannot
> implement an informal language on a computer that, by design,
> is a formal system.
> Some languages do have better "human factors" than others.
> If you want to claim that, feel free to do so.  But when
> it comes to defining anything implementable on a digital
> computer, the human factors or the philosophical issues
> that motivated the design are irrelevant.
> Suggestion:  If you want to discuss philosophy on some blog
> with people who are interested, please do so.  But if you want
> us to help you define and implement your system, let's focus
> on computable details, not philosophical speculation.
> John
>     (03)

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