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Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 12:46:53 -0700
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Translating from mKR to IKL has forced me to address
the issue of how to precisely describe the evolution of
knowledge in space, time, view.
Previously, I said mySpace, myTime were "quantized"
and linearly ordered.  I stand by that, but I suggest a
better term is "discrete".  For many applications, the
most appropriate units may be "integer" measures.
The crucial point concerns the nature of actions, i.e.,
changes in the space, time, view dimensions.
My original model of an action has a beginning
with initial conditions, and an end with final conditions.
The new principle which I wish to add is
    no "instantaneous" change
In other words, the beginning and end must be "at"
a different space, time.
Views may change in space, time as propositions are
added and deleted.  The "current" list of propositions
in view=v at space=s, time=t is defined by a function
The "next" list of propositions is "at" a different
space, time.
Note that the base view --
tabula rasa for mKR,
or the appropriate epistemological view for RDF, OWL, etc. --
does not change with space, time.
Dick McCullough

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