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Hi All,


As part of my search for standard ontologies and reference data that I can…er…”borrow”, SNOMED has come up as a candidate. The only “open” SNOMED stuff I can get my grubby mitts on is the data exchange file format.


I’m led to believe there is also a standard set of reference data (i.e. terms and relationships) to support SNOMED, but I don’t seem to be able to get hold of this. I can lots of references to SNOMED and OWL on the web, but they all seem to be in private hands. Can anyone point me at an open source for up-to-date SNOMED data ?


Does anyone know if the SNOMED reference data open source – i.e. can I steal it with impunity ?


Secondly, if anyone knows a good open source for military classifications (the sort of stuff you find on Janes, for example), I’d be really grateful for any pointers. Doesn’t have to be OWL or RDF or anything like that. The format can be anything really.


…those keen reasoners amongst you have probably twigged we’re working on a military medical project.




Ian Bailey



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