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[ontolog-forum] What you are really missing

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Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2009 03:19:06 -0000
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I am sorry to come up with the following lines, but it may help:


A concept marked/labeled/associated/represented by a word is a product of abstraction, but the form, word, the name of the concept is tangible, shared and not good for sorting knowledge, because

They are morphologically treated and identified in terms of a syntax context,

The richer a concept is the longer its name gets, ease of formal identification is reversely proportional with the length of verbal chunk used as a name

The relations of such building blocks are not vetted against reality, where basically all the relations are reducible to a difference in size, which is variable and comes also from the distance between observer and object

All date structures are reduced to lists and arrays, the rest is overdoing the job or not having a programming language fit for purpose

The relations used may all be backtracked to spatial relations, except part and whole which is not grounded in reality

No syntax parsing will ever result in semantic primitives, the domain of which is not properly stated in current ontologies, because the concept of  time is not handled properly

Everything in this real world comes in families of threes and fours and is made from simple constituents, such as the forms of energy/forces as demonstrated by physics, transfer of genetic materials, etc.

Now this is only a ad lib remark, and may I add that by not being interdisciplinary, multi-disciplinary enough, ontologists will never get their business sorted out in a sane way, despite the financial and worldly success or progress of some people in this line

The fact that new human artefacts are produced by the thousands everyday will never let you have a rest, you will have to update your files all the time just as you need to sort your email input box when one folder gets too crowded, etc.

The Internet is a haystack and all it does is that it lets people search in a haystack now it is a bigger emission problem than the cars out in the street (Sunday Times two weeks ago)

“Knowledge is an ordered access to information”. Ordered access means sorted data and sorted operations. While you are busy trying to sort out your data, why do you forget about operations?

 Cheers and with all my respect


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