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Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 09:09:46 -0600
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All,    (01)

I've been following the "Ontology Means for Systems Engineering" and 
related threads and it seems like an appropriate time to announce the 
2009 version of the International Conference and Workshop on Enterprises 
*as* Systems: Theory and  Theory in Practice.  We do not have the 
facilities contract yet  but tentatively it is scheduled for Aug. 24th - 
25th (more days will be added given sufficient interest) at the Hoffman 
Estates Campus of Northern Illinois University.  A full announcement 
will follow later. However, two of the topics / tracks include the use 
and application of ontology and ontologies to enterprises *as* systems 
(-not- excluding the topic of systems in general- e.g. "ontological 
means for systems engineering) and the use / interpretation of standards 
in the context of enterprises *as* systems. This includes standards 
related to ontology. These topics have been included every year since 
the inception of the conference (3 years ago). However, no contributions 
to these topics have been made. Perhaps that will change this year.    (02)

This, and related threads, are of high interest to me. I will try to 
contribute to these discussions in the next few days. Hopefully, some 
will find the contributions interesting, and more importantly useful.    (03)

Matthew K. Hettinger
Mathet Consulting, Inc.    (04)

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