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That looks very interesting. I have looked all over the website 
and cannot find any reference to the registration fees mentioned 
in this email - do you know where this information is to be 
found, please?    (01)

Best regards,    (02)

Mike Bennett    (03)

Obrst, Leo J. wrote:
> FYI. OOR folks in particular might be interested.
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> Subject: CfP: Workshop on Advanced Enterprise Repositories
> Please apologise any cross-postings!
> Call for Papers
> The 1st International Workshop on Advanced Enterprise Repositories (AER 
> 2009)
> 6-7 May, 2009 - Milan, Italy
> In conjunction with the 11th International Conference on Enterprise 
> Information Systems (ICEIS 2009)
> http://www.iceis.org/
> Co-chairs:
> Aurona Gerber
> Knowledge Systems Group, Meraka Institute
> South Africa
> Knut Hinkelmann
> University of Applied Sciences Northwestern
> Switzerland
> Paula Kotzé
> Human Factors and Enterprise Engineering Group, Meraka Institute
> South Africa
> Ulrich Reimer
> Institute for Information and Process Management
> University of Applied Sciences St. Gallen
> Switzerland
> Alta Van der Merwe
> School of Computing, University of South Africa
> South Africa
> Background and Goals
> An organisation's long-term success heavily depends on the proper 
> management
> of its business processes. Business process management continuously 
> monitors
> and improves processes e.g. in terms of cost, quality and duration time. To
> better support and improve business process management, process 
> repositories
> are needed that make comprehensive information on processes available 
> and offer
> elaborate query answering capabilities. Since business processes are 
> intertwined
> with all the other aspects of an enterprise the process descriptions 
> need to be
> integrated with the different views and perspectives of an enterprise 
> architecture,
> including the business motivation, the IT and data perspectives, the 
> organisational
> units and the business rules: The process repository thus becomes an 
> enterprise
> repository.
> Currently, the information in a process repository -- if one exists at 
> all -- is
> mostly of an informal nature and mainly provides text descriptions and 
> graphics
> depicting process models. As a consequence, the query answering 
> capabilities of
> such a repository are quite limited and it can therefore be very 
> cumbersome to
> find the needed information. Moreover, as only basic information on 
> business
> processes is modelled, more advanced and business-crucial questions 
> cannot be
> answered, for example questions about process variability, about reference
> processes and how actual processes refer to them, or about the design 
> rationales
> for process implementations.
> A prominent means to develop more advanced process, resp. enterprise 
> repositories
> are more expressive representation languages making process information 
> formally
> explicit and machine understandable. Semantic Web technology aiming at 
> content-
> oriented ways of querying the Web is an approach that could be applied 
> to enterprise
> repositories as well. Enriching process descriptions with metadata that 
> is rooted
> in an underlying ontology would be a first step. Querying can be even 
> further
> improved by extending the ontology with background knowledge and using 
> reasoning
> mechanisms to deduce answers to a query which could otherwise not be found.
> The workshop has the aim to exchange and discuss approaches to advanced 
> process
> repositories and their extensions into more comprehensive enterprise 
> repositories
> to give enterprises new and more advanced possibilities of making use of 
> their
> process knowledge.
> Topics of Interest
> We are inviting papers that fall within the scope of the workshop as 
> described above.
> We are especially interested in papers that address one or more of the 
> following topics:
> * Architectures and design principles for process repositories.
> * Advanced representation languages for covering all kinds of 
> process-related
> information stored in a process repository, such as
> - models for knowledge intensive processes,
> - reference models and their instantiations into specific processes,
> - design rationales for implementing processes,
> - modelling business rules and their relation to business processes,
> - dependencies between and constraints on processes,
> - information needed and produced within processes,
> - background knowledge needed for carrying out knowledge-intensive tasks,
> - descriptions of desired and actual process performance (e.g. cost, 
> quality,
> duration time),
> - integrated models linking business processes with other perspectives 
> (e.g. data,
> application systems, services, organisation structure, strategy, 
> business motivation).
> * Process ontologies for process repositories, allowing analysis, 
> comparison and retrieval
> of process related information.
> * Automatic analysis of business process descriptions and their transfer 
> into a structure
> conforming to a given process ontology.
> * Query languages for process repositories, including query evaluation 
> and reasoning.
> * Approaches to representing and querying the mapping between a business 
> view of a process
> and its actual implementation on top of IT systems.
> * Business cases and application scenarios for advanced process 
> repositories.
> Important Dates
> Regular Paper Submission: February 6, 2009
> Authors Notification: March 6, 2009
> Final Paper Submission and Registration: March 17, 2009
> Workshop Program Committee
> Antonia Albani, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
> Joseph Barjis, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
> Jörg Becker, University of Münster, Germany
> Reinhardt Botha, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa
> Jason Cohen, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa
> Rainer Endl, University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland
> Ulrich Frank, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
> Naoki Fukuta, Shizuoka University, Japan
> Peter Funk, Mälardalen University, Sweden
> Fabien Gandon, INRIA, France
> Martin Hepp, Universität der Bundeswehr, Germany
> Manfred Jeusfeld, Tilburg University, The Netherlands
> Dimitris Karagiannis, University of Vienna, Austria
> Frank Leymann, University of Stuttgart, Germany
> Machdel Matthee, University of Pretoria, South Africa
> Rainer Telesko, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, 
> Switzerland
> Barbara Thönssen, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern 
> Switzerland, Switzerland
> Darelle van Greunen, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa
> Holger Wache, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, 
> Switzerland
> Rosina Weber, Drexel University, USA
> Mathias Weske, University of Potsdam, Germany
> Takahira Yamaguchi, Keio University, Japan
> Paper Submission
> Prospective authors are invited to submit papers for oral presentation 
> in any of the topics listed above. Only full papers in English will be 
> accepted, and the length of the paper should not exceed 10 pages.
> Instructions for preparing the manuscript (in Word and Latex formats) 
> are available at the conference Paper Templates web page. Please also 
> check the web page with the Submission Guidelines.
> Papers should be submitted electronically via the web-based submission 
> system at: http://www.insticc.org/Primoris
> Publications
> All accepted papers will be published in the workshop proceedings book, 
> under an ISBN reference, and in CD-ROM support.
> Registration Information
> At least one author of an accepted paper must register for the workshop. 
> If the registration fees are not received by March 17, 2009 the paper 
> will not be published in the workshop proceedings book.
> Secretariat Contacts
> ICEIS Workshops - AER 2009
> e-mail: workshops@xxxxxxxxx
>       (04)

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