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Dear Tony,


I was one of the principal technical contributors to the data model that underlies this work (ISO 15926-2). What do you want to know?




Matthew West





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I spend some time working with FIATECH, a consortium whose goal is to apply IT to the design, construction, and maintenance of capital projects. Most of the recent attention has been on process plants, such as the chemical / oil / gas plants so often in the news. I am there as the intelligent buildings guy, and much of the work is as foreign to me as mine is to them.

FIATECH is home to a far reaching project, now known as IDS-ADI. The IDS (Intelligent Data Sheet) defines coherent collections of data about classes of equipment. These data sheets include ontologically significant metadata to define the contents and meaning of each attribute. ADI project is an effort to complete and deploy systems based upon the ISO 15926 standard describing process control plant and equipment. ADI stands for Accelerated Deployment of ISO 15926. ISO 15926 also includes all 3 dimensional information on system components. These groups merged and you can read about them at www.ids-adi.org.

The team has developed a generic data model and reference data library to manage and store this information, including OWL/RDF supplying ontology for each of the attributes. They now report that other data sets, non 15926 data sets can be stored in the same library. By referencing the RDF, the system can automatically translate between one data set, or group of data sets, into another, mixing and matching until there is a match. This is ambitious work.

The next step for the IDS-ADI team is to re-write the code into what they call the industrial strength version. They want the repository to be strong enough to generate three -dimensional visualizations of the ISO1529 process control systems, with all knowledge still attached, fast enough for someone to respond in an emergency. This moves from ambitious to astonishing.

I have my own small concepts of semantics, and ontology, ones that do not delve as deep as many on this forum. Accordingly, I am unable to evaluate this project or its claims.

Have any of you run across this? Can you give me any pointers in thinking about this?


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