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Re: [ontolog-forum] Reality and semantics.

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Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2008 15:49:44 -0500
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> Chris Menzel wrote:
> > On Thu, 18 Sep 2008, Ed Barkmeyer wrote:
> >> ...
> >> As to the rest of John's posting, I refuse to be drawn into a 
> >> discussion of the power of either mathematics or logic.  I am an 
>> engineer.
> > 
> > And you won't discuss it because, as an engineer, and hence as one 
> familiar with bridges, moon shots, computers, the web, and the like 
> that wouldn't exist but for the power of mathematics and logic, it 
> isn't worth discussing something so obvious?  Right on.    (01)

> Ed Barkmeyer wrote:
> Indeed.  That power is well documented and in evidence.  But whether
mathematics can
> correctly capture "reality", as distinct from how much of the derived
and quantified property called load it will take to collapse the bridge,
is not my concern.  I marvel 
> at the universe, I seek to understand aspects of it, and I invent my
own little 
> artificial contributions to it, but I don't ask whether mathematics is
the model 
> of it.  I leave that to John and Pat.  ;-)    (02)

Like a physician, an engineer is a rule-of-thumb scientist. Engineering
is a human-oriented discipline aimed at applying science and mathematics
for useful things like bridges, tooth brushes, and cannons. Sometimes
new mathematics is created as a by-product. I leave it to the
hair-splitter to determine which side should claim the "applied
mathematicians."    (03)

Regards,    (04)

Jeff Schiffel -- The Boeing Company - Wichita    (05)

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