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Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2008 12:29:17 -0400
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Chris,    (01)

Dunn was just using the word "law" as a convenient synonym for
"necessary truth".    (02)

CM> The problem for turning this into a Dunn model is: when do we
 > have a "mere" necessary truth and when do we have a law?    (03)

In Kripke models, the necessary truths in any world w are those
sentences that are true in every world accessible from w.  The
mapping from a K-model to a D-model would put all those sentences
into the set L of the laws of w.    (04)

CM> ... (though I'm working old memories of Dunn's semantics).
 > If so, there is in general no unique mapping from a Kripke model
 > to a Dunn model.    (05)

I have the original book somewhere in my house.  Unfortunately, I
did not put it back on the shelf next to several other yellow books
from North-Holland Press.  So I can't find the original quotation.    (06)

But I can't recall anything Dunn said that would distinguish a law
of w from a statement that is necessarily true in w.  (Dunn had
read my papers, he thanked me for promoting his work, he invited
me to give a talk at Indiana U., and he did not say that my
interpretation was inconsistent with what he had said.)    (07)

John    (08)

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