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From: "Sean Barker" <sean.barker@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 18:30:18 +0100
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Pat, Ron, et al,    (01)

On the various e-mails from yesterday:    (02)

1) In data exchange, the government have funded several projects for
standards for support data models. Some of these have been little more
than the database schema of one small corner, being promoted as the
universal solution. People like me occasional get brought in to comment
technically on these standards, so that people further up the food chain
can promote a rationale debate about the merits of these standards.
(Translation into US English? - people like me make the bazookas to
shoot down the bad guys in the standards wars.)    (03)

2) If the payback was so good, then industry would already have funded
it. However, one estimate of the combined cost savings from software
projects proposed to management showed such a large saving that they
could give aircraft away for free and still make a profit.    (04)

3) Any co-operative project will be dominated by the politics of who is
willing to pay for it. Saying anyone who doesn't like the methodology
can leave is opening a door "to a world of pain", particularly if
there is any institutional funding involved. And in my experience, the
idea that it would take a week to agree a methodology seem unrealistic
(translation into US English is left as an exercise for the reader).    (05)

4) Pat, the fact they you have three language categories for property
misses my point. The population of those categories is unlikely to form
a hierarchy of concepts, but a set of unrelated hierarchies, where there
is no agreement on how to partition particular plays of the language
game "property" between each hierarchy. My suspicion is that this is rather 
like translating
"Invisible green ideas dream furiously" into RDF triples, and then
hoping that because it has been formally captured that it must
make sense.    (06)

Sean Barker
Collaborative Project and Standardisation Survivor (with a little help from 
Spider Solitaire).     (07)

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