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From: Ron Wheeler <rwheeler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2008 11:23:50 -0400
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By some rather fortuitous timimg of events, I may have an opportunity to 
extend the worlds understanding (at least the recorded part of it) of a 
small part of the universe.
A potential client contacted us yesterday about building a "SimOps" (its 
described on our website) for a chemical plant.
The realization that the baby boomers are starting to leave has set in 
and they are starting to see the difference between education and 
experience.    (01)

The old gray-haired farts that sat around all day with a relaxed look on 
their faces are being replaced by much better educated kids who are 
extremely focused.
The problem is that this focus may be the result of having to watch a 
complex board and quickly understand what are interesting anomalies to 
report to engineering at the end of the shift and which ones are good 
occasions to pull the red handle and see if you can be the first guy a 
safe distance off the premises. A safe distance is hard to judge when 
you are not sure where the unit that is about to go off is located.    (02)

We have always done these projects as static and highly graphic 
presentation of the knowledge surrounding a process unit or major piece 
of critical equipment.
I think that a dynamic KB driven by an ontological base would be a much 
more useful tool and something that could be more easily kept up to date 
and more easily navigated.    (03)

Am I expecting too much from current technologies or are the frameworks 
in place to allow a project like this to be put into production without 
a lot of operational issues?    (04)

Developing the ontological framework is a big job but I think can be 
tackled in small pieces if one is prepared to re-engineer previous work 
each time one gets smarter.    (05)

The navigation and query tools seem pretty rudimentary and it seems to 
me that the logic required to answer simple questions will have to 
reside at the application level.
At the moment, from what I have seen, the systems are only capable of 
answering complex question written in a query language that is as 
unfriendly as SQL.    (06)

Has there been any work done in the industrial side (process control, 
equipment specifications, etc.) that is similar to the GoodRelations work?    (07)

Am I going to get into more trouble than it is worth at this time? It is 
the pioneers that get eaten by the bears but they do get first choice of 
the best land if they survive.    (08)

Ron    (09)

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