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Re: [ontolog-forum] Data Models v. Ontologies (again)

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John, Ed,    (02)

        If I might remind you of the traditional definition of an
engineer "Someone who can do for sixpence what any fool can do for a
shilling" (where two sixpences make a shilling). This makes no reference
to any type of theory or body of practice. Used as a yardstick for
deciding whether software engineering is engineering, my experience is
that it is, at least over the software lifecycle.    (03)

        Also, the yardstick of whether something is a scientific theory
is whether it makes testable predictions, not whether it has, say, a
mathematical basis. Better theories are those that make more or more
precise (& true) predictions. For example, there is a theory that "there
are three ways of loosing a fortune - women, horses and engineers; the
first two are the most pleasurable, the last most certain". Although it
may not embed any explanatory principle, it does have some predictive
value.    (04)

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