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From: Traugott Koch <traugott.koch@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, May 26, 2008 at 2:56 AM
Subject: [oor-forum] Call for proposals: 7th European NKOS Workshop at ECDL 2008
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The 7th NKOS Workshop at the European Digital Library Conference will
take place on September 19th, as part of ECDL 2008 in Aarhus, Denmark
(<http://www.ecdl2008.org/> ).    (03)

The workshop will explore the potential of Networked Knowledge
Organization Systems (NKOS), such as classification systems, taxonomies,
thesauri, ontologies, and lexical databases. These tools attempt to
model the underlying semantic structure of a domain for purposes of
information retrieval, knowledge discovery, language engineering, and
the semantic web.    (04)

The workshop topics include but are not limited to    (05)

*    Social tagging. Participative user-based approaches to knowledge
organization and description are emerging and attracting significant
community support. What is the role of social tagging and informal
knowledge structures versus established KOS? How do the methods
complement each other? Is it possible or desirable to obtain some degree
of control in social tagging systems?    (06)

*    Semantic Web applications and implications of KOS. How can KOS
contribute to Semantic Web efforts and conversely how can Semantic Web
standards and technologies facilitate novel KOS applications and
semantic interoperability research. What are the next steps for
SKOS-based tools?    (07)

*    KOS Interoperability. Intellectual and automatic methods for
vocabulary mapping on concept as well as term level. Cross-browsing and
cross-searching between distributed KOS services, Mapping between KOS
and ontologies.    (08)

*    Terminology registry. What is the range of services that a
terminology registry might offer and what role can it play as a shared
infrastructure service? We need to identify and specify use cases and
sustainable business models.    (09)

*    Terminology services. We need to identify and specify terminology
services for different applications, within a service-oriented
approach/architecture, building on the basic infrastructure.    (010)

*    User-centred design issues. User-centred design strategies for KOS.
How to develop understandable and thorough descriptions of concepts and
terms? How to show and explain relationships? Cost effective methods to
collect and organise user oriented and domain-specific conceptual
information.    (011)

*    Terminology for language-oriented applications. Common ground and
differences in knowledge organisation approaches between terminology and
information retrieval communities.    (012)

Please email proposals for presentations (approx. 500 words including
aims, methods, main findings)    (013)

                         by **June 20th**    (014)

to Marianne Lykke Nielsen (mln@xxxxx). Advance indication that you
intend to submit a presentation would be helpful. Proposals will be
peer-reviewed by the program committee and notification of acceptance
will be given by July 4th. The early registration deadline for the
conference and the workshop is July 31st.    (015)

Full details on the call for presentation proposals are at
 as part of the workshop website.
See also the NKOS event wiki at
we can discuss ideas and plans for the workshop.    (016)

Hope to see you in Aarhus,
Traugott Koch
Max Planck Digital Library, Invalidenstr. 35, D-101 15 Berlin, Germany
Tel: +49 30-288867789
E-mail: traugott.koch@xxxxxxxxxxx
Homepage: http://www.mpdl.mpg.de/staff/tkoch/
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