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I wanted to elaborate Pat's comment:    (01)

PH> COE does not have the capability to transform any arbitrary
 > Cmap into OWL, but we think it is a useful first step.    (02)

Alan Perlis once remarked that it is impossible to translate
an informal representation to a formal representation by
any formal algorithm.    (03)

Concept maps were originally designed as an informal notation
used in education.   COE implements a highly disciplined
(i.e., formalized) version of Cmaps that can be automatically
translated to OWL (a formally defined language).    (04)

On the other hand, informal Cmaps can be a useful intermediate
stage in a human-assisted translation to a more formal notation.
Following is a talk that discusses the issues about relating
informal concept maps to Common Logic:    (05)

    Concept Mapping    (06)

And following is another talk that discusses the use of
Common Logic in the medical domain:    (07)

    Common Logic for Healthcare Information Technology    (08)

John Sowa    (09)

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