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Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2008 13:49:52 -0500
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Butsoftware does wear out. There are two general cases, running systems and fitness for use.


Aging symptoms in running software are found in such failure modes as memory leaks, memory fragmentation leading to slowed task execution, excessive paging, calculation error accumulations, and unexpected branching. These apply to both applications and operating system software. Degradation or outright failure is the outcome. Whatever the cause, the problem may be fixed by halting and restarting/reloading the software, at least temporarily.


Fitness for use includes items such as maintainability, tools support (everyone still have their DOS diskettes?), changes in the operational environment, languages falling into disuse, changes in user expectations, and bloated software after many patches. These either increasingly trigger failure modes or otherwise make the software economically unsuitable.


The difference between software and the underlying mathematical structure – e.g. algorithms and logic -- must be distinguished. The software can age and become obsolete. The underlying logic probably does not, although the subject for the applied logic might become dated.


-- Jeffrey Schiffel


> From Vishesh Duggar 


> Hi All,

> When software no longer fits the user's need, indicates that the needs of the user have

> changed. But does it mean that the software is unusable because of long or heavy use.

> Hence the initial definition that software does not wear out sounds correct. Because it

> doesn't matter how heavily you use the software it will never wear  out.


> ~Vishesh Duggar

>>   Schiffel, Jeffrey A wrote:

>>>  Abhilash I wrote: 


>>>   Hi all,   
>>>   Recently i came across the following, described as characteristics of a software, 
>>>   1) Developed or engineered 
>>>   2) not manufactured
>>>   3) doesn't wear out

>>  I've heard that definition, but software does wear out. When it no longer fits the user's need, >>  it is wearing out. Software, like everything else in the physical world, obsolesces over time.


>>  -- Jeffrey Schiffel


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