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[ontolog-forum] pragmatic realism

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From: Ingvar Johansson <ingvar.johansson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2008 23:45:54 +0100
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Hello ontolog-forum,    (01)

I will now, like some members of this forum before me, advertise a  
book by me (and Niels Lynöe). It appeared a few days ago, and it is  
called "Medicine & Philosophy. A Twenty-First Century Introduction";  
you can find
the back cover advertisement on    (02)

< http://www.ontos-verlag.de/Buchreihen-MB-978-3-938793-90-9.php >    (03)

However, on this cover there was not space enough to stress what I  
regard as being of real interest for most members of this forum,  
namely the end chapter (11)"Taxonomy, Partonomy, and Ontology". In the  
first subsection of this chapter ("What is it that we classify and  
partition?") the interplay between concepts/terms and a  
mind-independent reality is discussed, and the last subsection  
("Taxonomy in the computer age - ontology as science") ends with a  
criticism of Wikipedia's Gruber inspired definition of 'ontology'.    (04)

I would also like to mention chapter 3.5, "The fallibilistic  
revolution". Here you will find views about Peirce, Popper,  
fallibilism, and truthlikeness that I defended in this forum in fall.  
I would of course be pleased if even John Sowa thinks that we have  
given a fair presentation of Peirce.    (05)

The book is available also as an eBook at the price of only 17.50 euro; see    (06)

< http://www.science-digital.com/Ontos/O-Johanson-Medicine.html >    (07)

Best wishes,
Ingvar J    (08)

Best wishes,
Ingvar    (09)

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